Maoam dancer ad returns

Moaom advert

MAOAM has its dancing shoes on again, bringing its 2016 television campaign back to the small screen.

The confectionary company’s ‘Full On… Till It’s Gone’ advert features a man dancing frantically after being given a burst of energy by one of the chewy sweets.

Maoam has invested  £2.2m campaign, which is scheduled to run for 15 weeks, and is expected to reach an audience of around eight million consumers, with further support through trade activity planned for later in the year.

Bethan Rawstron, brand manager at Maoam, said: “There was a great deal of love for our advert when it first launched in 2016; it appealed to existing fans of the brand and helped us to engage with new consumers.

“Fast paced and full of fun, it captures and communicates the essence of the brand, and we are very excited to see it back on TV.”