Chocs up and away

Sales of chocolate confectionery in bags are growing at 2.6% year on year with the average c-store selling more than £200 worth of bags each week according to Cadbury and Bassets brand owner Mondelez International.

To its own wide range of bagged lines it has recently added price-marked packs for Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons and Bitsa Wispa, at £1 for 80g. It has also made Terry’s Chocolate Orange Milk Chocolate Minis available all year round following its stint as a Christmas limited edition.

New products, range extensions, consumer competitions and updated packaging are all being used to fight for sales in the sharing-sized bagged confectionery market. Mondelez has made Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis available all year and introduced price-marked packs for some of its most popular bagged chocolates. Haribo is introducing new flavours and Maoam has given its range its first packaging makeover in more than a decade.

In gums and jellies, Mondelez has added Berry Mix to the Bassetts Jelly Babies range.

Senior brand manager Elizabeth Huelsmann said: “We often hear of our consumers identifying their favourite flavours and are delighted to launch a bag of just berry flavours.

“Ideal for sharing, this new line extension will appeal to a wider spectrum of consumers, particularly young families.”

Haribo is asking consumers to vote for their favourite Little Jelly Men in its latest campaign for Super Mix.

New flavours of Little Jelly Men will be added to the mix and consumers will have the chance to vote for their favourite online.

Brand manager Lindsey Bevan said the activity was designed to increase consumer engagement.

Maoam has introduced new packaging across its entire range – the first such repackaging since 2002.

Maoam’s top three lines Pinballs, Stripes and Joystixx are available in the new packs.