Joining forces for Halloween

haribo-halloweenNEVER expected to miss out on the Halloween action, Haribo has launched a new seasonal pack that brings two major brands together for the confectionery-led celebration.

The new Haribo and Maoam Duo Pack comprises 32 treats, mini bags and individually wrapped chews.

Claire James, trade marketing manager at Haribo said: ‘We’re very excited by our Duo Pack, it brings together popular Haribo and Maoam treats to cater perfectly for the Halloween occasions and shopper trends around value, volume, wrapped treats and non-themed products.

“Whether we have families knocking at our door or joining us for a celebration, we want to delight them all, which is why we share their favourites.

“We also know that individually wrapped is important too because this format delivers from a safety, hygiene and convenience perspective.”