Hanging out with a trio of softies

TANGERINE Confectionery has stepped up its hanging bag game with the launch of three new Softies variants.

The confectionery producer has extended its retro range of soft chews with the rollout of Dip Dab Softies, Refreshers Mini Softies and Fruit Salad Mini Softies – all under the Barratt brand.

Dip Dab’s new format is a major departure for the brand, reinventing the traditional sherbet dip as a squashy sweet. Tangerine reckons the new format will appeal to younger consumers, as well as adult consumers who remember the brand from childhood.

The new Dip Dab format is available from this month in 120g PMP through cash and carry.

Tangerine’s new Mini format Refreshers and Fruit Salad Squashies also appear in cash and carry this month.

The smaller versions of Tangerine’s existing Squashies range are rolling out in 30g packs which the firm said are ideal for consumers concerned with portion control.

Russel Tanner, marketing and category director at Tangerine Confectionery said: “Tangerine Confectionery’s Softies range, including the original Fruit Salad and Refreshers Softies, has excelled ahead of the market, increasing 25.7% in the last 12 months.

“With the appetite for retro confectionery growing, and new innovative variations of classics becoming popular with the brand’s loyal following , we have no doubt that Dip Dab Softies, the Fruit Salad Mini Softies and Refreshers Mini Softies will become best sellers within the Barratt family.”