Something in the water

Radnor Plus comes in energy and protein varieties in a choice of fruit flavours

WATER brand Radnor Hills has extended its range with the addition of protein and energy enhanced drinks.

Made using natural ingredients Radnor Plus Energy provides around the same kick as a cup of coffee, but with the added advantage of refreshing hydration.

Managing director, William Watkins, said: “Guarana and Ginseng extracts help restore and enhance well-being and when blended together create a natural caffeine kick to support energy levels.

Radnor Plus Energy is available in two flavours – Lemon and Lime, and Cranberry and Raspberry. 

Each bottle will contain only 30 calories and 70mg of caffeine.

A bottle of Radnor Plus Protein delivers 12g of whey protein and is sweetened with stevia.

Watkins said: “These drinks are ideal for making sure you always have a refreshing protein source to hand when working out, post workout or in between meals.

“These new ranges are perfect for the growing on-the-go sector.

“We have an unlimited source of spring water so it made perfect sense to explore what else we could add.”