Sharing for TV night in


WITH families and groups of friends gathering round televisions to watch the cream of world football contest this summer’s World Cup finals tournament, demand for big night in products will be high.

And Mars Wrigley says sharing bags will be top of many lists.

“We offer a popular suite of products that have seen sharing bags increase by 2.2% in sales,” said Lauren George, brand and trade PR manager.

George said it wasn’t only bags that shoppers bought for sharing.

“We are seeing large block and pouches continue to play a significant role in the confectionery category as more consumers look for better value,” she said.

“Bitesize brands continue to be popular. Maltesers is the UK’s number one bitesize brand.”

And she added that price-marked packs will also play a part: “With so many price-conscious shoppers today, price-marked packs reassure them that they are getting the best value for money.

“We have a wide range of popular price-marked packs, including our £1 Maltesers, Galaxy Minstrels and M&M’s treat bags.”