Shake up the off-sales

Dennys suggested retailers separate shot products by alcohol strength

GERMAN herbal liqueur Jägermeister is looking to make strides in convenience, and the brand’s customer marketing and insights controller Jonathan Dennys has offered some merchandising suggestions for retailers who wish to capitalise on untapped opportunities in their off-sales area. 

“Consumers increasingly desire something different,” said Dennys, “If retailers allow space to diversify their range in response to this, it can help them to secure greater levels of margin.”

Dennys tips to off-sales success are:

Locate the brands with higher margins where they are likely to get noticed.

Merchandise by product type.

Group shot products together, splitting these into lower  ABV and higher ABV sub-categories.

Create interest in your fixture by allocating additional space to more interesting products.

Space is at a premium so only stock products with a rate of sale that warrant it.