Fit for many purposes

Lancashire Nature Bio

SOCIAL media platforms like Instagram and Facebook could be fuelling growth in the yogurt market as consumers increasingly seek out healthy living tips online.

With healthy living a major trend among social media users, lighter recipes with yogurt at their heart are gaining exposure. This is good news for producers and retailers according to Azhar Zouq, managing director of Lancashire Farm Dairies.

“One consumer trend that has contributed to the increase of yogurt sales over the last 12 months is the rise in fitness fanatics.

“Social media platforms such as Instagram  are fuelled with fitness advice and healthy meals suggestions – many of which include yogurt, resulting in it being increasingly used as an ingredient as well as the traditional snack,” said Zouq.

More than just a breakfast accompaniment, Zouq said yogurt can be used across many cuisines, making the category relevant to a wide range of shopper missions. He added that the increasing use of yogurt has been beneficial for larger formats.

“In the last year we have continued to see an influx of exotic flavours and cuisines as the key food trends and this will only continue to grow, with consumer palettes changing and demand for new dishes on the increase. This has had a positive impact on perceptions of yogurt as an ingredient, and sales have reflected this.

“Because of this rising interest in exotic dishes, more consumers are using yogurt as an ingredient to enhance the flavour of their meals. This has led to yogurt being seen less as just a one-pot, on-the-go product to be eaten as a snack and has introduced yogurt into a range of meal times more regularly.”