Get going with yogurt range

Health trend helps category

Consumers are seeking out versatile products that taste great and tick all the health boxes according to Azhar Zouq, managing director of Lancashire Farm

YOGURT is enjoying the fruits of the increased focus on health from an ever growing segment of consumers, according to Lancashire Farm Dairies, with breakfast a key driver for the category.

Azhar Zouq, managing director of Lancashire Farm Dairies said the rise of the health-conscious consumer has played a major role in improving yogurt’s fortunes, highlighting trends such as ‘over-night oats’ and smoothies as benefitial to the category.

“Consumers want products that are versatile, whilst tasting great and ticking the health box. Yogurt, particularly natural and low-fat Greek, covers all of these criteria.

“With the media focus still fixed on sugar and fats in consumers’ diets, consumers are turning to yogurt as an alternative to mayonnaise or cream in their everyday meals.

“Natural and Greek yogurt provide a healthier option that is velvety in texture, rich in flavour and versatile enough to cover all meal occasions.”

Lancashire Farm Dairies has upped the ante in terms of its health focus with the announcement that it will roll out its first far-free Greek style yogurt. The firm is adding the fat-free variant to its core range in response to rising demand for healthier alternatives.