Retailers influence new price

FEEDBACK from retailers convinced P&G that it should put its best selling Flash SKU in a PMP, the firm said.

And in doing so it reduced the price of Flash Task Sprays from £2.25 to £1.99.

It has also put its Daz Liquid 20 wash pack in a PMP at £2.99.

Laundry brand manager Daniel Jalalpour said: “We’ve seen a surge in popularity for our liquid laundry detergents in the convenience channel over the past year and we want to continue helping retailers to grow this category.

“We’ve seen time and again that price-marked packs are a powerful tool to help with this.”

Fairy Liquid Original, Lemon and Pomegranate variants are now available in £1.29 PMPs.

Mariela Mariotti, senior marketing manager for Fairy UK & Ireland, said: “Fairy’s been at the heart of our kitchens for over a century now, helping ordinary people achieve shiny, clean dishes at an affordable price.

“The same principles that applied 100 years ago apply today: which is why we’re communicating how economical Fairy Liquid is, with price-marked packs.”

The P&G femcare brand Always has been repackaged and the range now includes  a £2.29 PMP.