Eye-catching confectionery

Werther's original packs

WITH so many confectionery sales in convenience stores coming from impulse sales, merchandising is crucial, and Werther’s brand owner Storck has offered retailers the following advice on how to create a display that stands out from the crowd:

“Retailers should make the fixture easy for shoppers to navigate, laying it out in a logical way that will facilitate category growth.

“There has been a noticeable increase in retailers segmenting their confectionery aisles according to consumer occasions or sub segments, thus making it easier for shoppers to engage with the category, for example sugar confectionery, on-the-go and gifts.

“Discover Storck’s top tips to help retailers maximise on the incremental sales opportunity that the category presents:

  • Signpost sugar confectionery displays with beacon brands, such as Werther’s Original PMPs in a block, which will help consumers navigate the fixture
  • Highlight and support brands receiving strong marketing support especially TV advertised brands like Werther’s Original 
  • Simplify the range on display and focus on best-selling lines. Merchandise best sellers on the shelf at eye level
  • Focus on the right range – keep fixtures and displays clear and easy to shop.”

– Andy Mutton Sales director, Storck UK