Plug the gap with cigars

NPD aimed at small pack shopper

CIGARS could plug the gap left behind by smaller packs of cigarettes leaving the shelves, according to Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG), and the firm reckons its most recent piece of NPD will add some energy to the category.

Earlier this year, STG extended its Moments brand with the launch of Moments Panatella. The long, slender panatella-style cigar is available in packs of five with an RRP of £4.20. Due to cigars’ exemption from TPD2, Moments Panatella is also packaged in a yellow box which STG reckons will stand out by comparison with other plain packet tobacco products.

Jens Christiansen, head of marketing and public affairs at STG, said: “Some cigars are now the cheapest option available on shelf which may see them attract existing smokers from other categories. While still available in 10 packs, cigars will also help mitigate the drop in footfall left from cigarettes going to minimum 20 packs, as well as representing a higher margin than cigarettes.

“The Moments brand has already seen significant success in the miniatures segment with its value-for-money positioning. In fact, since its launch only five years ago, the brand has grown to become the fastest growing cigar brand in the UK, accounting for a 15.7% market share of miniatures.

“By harnessing the strength of the Moments brand, we see a gap in the market for a value-for-money proposition that we can fill with our latest product launch, Moments Panatella, and drive growth back into the small cigar segment.”