It’s not just about the kids

FOR many adults, the packed lunch brings back memories of primary school, but for a significant proportion of today’s adult consumers, the packed lunch is back, and snack firms reckon they’re well placed to meet this demand.

Kevin Butterworth, marketing and international sales director at Seabrook Crisps, reckons an increase in adults packing their own lunches can be linked to increasingly busy lifestyles.

“Preparing a packed lunch in advance frees up time the next day, allowing those with busy jobs to work through their break without having to stop or go out and buy anything,” he said.

Busy lifestyles may contribute but Butterworth reckons value is also still key to unlocking lunchbox sales.

“Value remains a key driver behind the growing adult lunchbox trend. Consumers continue to look for value for money and as a brand we have tapped into this market by adding two new PMPs to our portfolio.

“Our six-pack multi-packs also work particularly well for the adult lunchbox market as they offer shoppers the chance to stock up in advance and prepare for the week ahead. 

“The 25g bags are popular as they deliver on bold flavour and satisfy the craving for something tasty. In addition our entire range is vegetarian friendly and gluten free, to meet the needs of those sub-groups of consumers who are looking for these types of foods.”