Feeling fine in Paisley

Preparing for high footfall

FUTURE proofing is the name of the game at Hawkhead Road Garage in Paisley where forecourt operator The Fine Fuel Company has just joined forces with Gulf.

Hawkhead Road Garage in Paisley just made the switch to fuel supplier Gulf.

Since signing on, The Fine Fuel Company has reported that volume sales are up 11%, with more improvement expected thanks in part to a nearby housing development where 1,000 homes are currently under construction.

At present the site has no walk-on trade, with the nearest urban area a half mile away, which is reflected in the forecourt’s figures. Shop sales at Hawkhead Road Garage currently sit at £12,000 per week despite fuel sales of 2.4m litres a year.

Since switching to Gulf, the forecourt has undergone a partial refit with plans to introduce Costa Coffee.
Khurram Fawad, director of The Fine Fuel Company, said that in the past it had been difficult to justify any major investment in the shop, but with the prospect of 1,000 new homes, the retailer reckons the time is right for investment to ensure the store is in position to make the most of its soon to be enhanced footfall.

Fawad said: “Following the re-image we immediately enjoyed an uplift in volumes and that has had a positive knock on across our business.

“We are in the company of people who understand the industry and will be there for us in good times and in bad. That is always an important factor alongside a flexible and competitive deal.

“We had already moved our Wishaw site on Kirk Road to Gulf some time ago and knew the high standards of service that Certas Energy personnel provide. The value of working with experienced hands-on people, who are empowered to make decisions, is considerable.

“This is a move for the future, protecting our asset and growing volumes and revenues. With Gulf we feel a strong sense of being in this together.”