Training the key to retaining?

Symbol group launches learning academy as one in three retailers say retaining staff a significant challenge

It has been said that around 25% of new employees decide to stay with, or quit, a job in their first week.
With 100,000 new staff starting within the convenience industry each year, a simple induction can make all the difference, but, according to research from Bolt Learning, one in five retailers are not offering induction training.

“Many convenience retailers see that there would be clear benefits to improving their induction training, but say that time is the main limiting factor,” said Tom Fender, director, Bolt Learning.
“One way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of induction training is by embracing a blended approach of e-learning and face-to-face training, and that is exactly what some of the leading symbol groups are now doing.”

Lifestyle Express has announced it is launching its own retail learning academy, the Lifestyle Learning Academy, with Bolt Learning this month.
The online academy can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device, and at a pace which suits the learner, and is available for all Lifestyle Express retailers free of charge. Modules initially include age-related sales, basic health and safety, customer service and the importance of Core Range.

“People are the greatest assets that our stores have,” said Stuart Johnson, retail controller at Landmark Wholesale. “The Lifestyle Learning Academy will allow all of our retailers and their staff to access a range of essential training modules which will enable them to help maintain compliance and grow sales.

“We know that retailers struggle to find the time to train their staff and online training tackles those issues. Bite-sized and fun to complete, the modules are available online at any time.

“I believe that The Lifestyle Learning Academy offers us a great opportunity to improve our staff skill-set which will ultimately lead to our stores serving the needs of our customers even better.”

Fender added: “The training offered via the Lifestyle Academy will give retailers a distinct advantage in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

“Not only will this save Lifestyle Express retailers time, money and the administrative headache associated with training, but by upskilling staff they can ultimately deliver a better service to the shopper, and that can only have a positive impact on sales.”