Salad brand turns to smoothies

Blending categories with bagged salad

EASY smoothie preparation is the idea behind the latest product development from salad brand Florette.

Launching this month, Florette’s Smoothie Mix range comprises a prepared bag of mixed salad leaves and vegetables as well as a sachet of seeds and dried fruit. Consumers are then invited to add in fresh fruit and juice and blend the mixture until smooth.

The new smoothie packs are available in two variants; Superfood, a mix of spinach beetroot, carrot, ruby chard with a sachet of sunflower, pumpkin and hemp seeds with dried blueberries; and Energy Boost, which includes beetroot, spinach, baby kale and ruby chard as well as a sachet of sunflower and flax seeds and dried cranberries.

Rebecca Walker of Florette said consumer research has shown consumers are more “health conscious” than ever before, however making healthy choices can be “particularly difficult” for those with a busy lifestyle.

“Smoothies aren’t new, but for consumers with a hectic lifestyle, thinking about what ingredients to buy can be a hassle.”

“Our insight found that consumers are looking for tasty options that are fresh, convenient and nutritious – and our Smoothie Mix range is just that.

“Our expansion into the smoothie market presents the opportunity to reach a new audience, who may not have tried our products before, as well as offering exciting new options for existing consumers,” said Walker.