The sweet impulse

Confectionery is one of the most important PMP categories for retailers,  says Perfetti Van Melle, with 68% of stores already stocking PMP sweets.

Perfetti Van Melle says PMP sharing bags are particularly attractive to shoppers looking for extra treats without breaking the bank.

Trade marketing manager Mark Roberts said: “Sweet treats are very much an impulse-led purchase.
“Our independent research suggests that 80% of confectionery purchases are influenced in store and over 30% of those are purely impulse driven.
“This gives retailers a fantastic opportunity to influence shopper spend.”
Roberts said sharing bags are in major growth, representing the largest portion of value sales within the market and added that  Perfetti Van Melle offers a selection of PMP sharing bags, including Fruittella and Mentos.
He continued: “Price-marked grab bags offer retailers a fantastic offering in-store.
“PMPs reassure consumers of a low price guarantee and allow retailers to predict profit margins and maximise sales through the increased demand.”

PMPs allow retailers to predict profit margins and maximise sales.

Perfetti Van Melle advice to retailers for merchandising PMPs is to make sure they are easy to see  in prominent places for impulse shopping.  
Roberts added: “In addition to stocking key products by the till, think about where else you might best place PMPs.
“For example, our Smint £1 PMP might work well next to the coffee machine and our Fruittella Sharing Bags could be part of a larger Big Night In display.”
Sugar-free mint brand Smint recently added a new £1 PMP format to its minty fresh collection.
Roberts said: “With 92% of consumers trying to reduce their sugar intake and the sugar-free confectionery market growing 11.2%, Smint is leading the way with sales up 17% in two years.
“The PMP pack offers great value for money and thanks to its eye-catching new-look is sure to attract a new contingent of Smint fans.”