Scots buying up premium

SALES of premium ice cream are growing across the UK and Scotland is outperforming the rest of the country, says Mackie’s of Scotland.

With consumers buying premium ice cream more often, Mackie’s says, the nationwide  growth rate is 3.2% and in Scotland it has grown by 3.7%.
Marketing director Karin Hayhow said: “While general trends would indicate that consumers are now eating out more, the percentage of Scottish households buying take-home ice cream has increased from 89.5% back in 2014 to 90.2% in 2016.”
Hayhow said Mackie’s is the best-selling brand in Scotland with a 12.7% share of the total ice cream market and a 25% share of 25% of the branded premium ice cream market.
And she says it outsells established national brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Wall’s Carte D’or.
She said: “Retailers will know as well as anybody that Scots are notably discerning with quality and provenance.
“At Mackie’s we continue to do our very best to produce our own ingredients and, wherever possible, support local suppliers, not just because our customers expect it, but because the quality is so high.”
Having introduced limited-edition flavours for summer and winter last year, Mackies is to launch another special flavour in March this year, the orange and lemon St Clements Ripple.
Hayhow, said: “A favourite flavour is the most important choice factor for ice cream and desserts, selected by over half of eaters as winning them over to a brand.”