Cheestrings set to mix it after school

scoffies_purpleCHILLED foods specialist Kerry Foods is adding to its Cheestrings brand portfolio with the launch of Scoffies, a range of three-in-one snacks designed to provide a new type of after-school snack.

The new range includes three varieties: Mini Pretzels, Real Cheese Chunks, Apricot, Cherry Cubes & Yogurt Raisins; Crunchy Crackers, Real Cheese Chunks, Cherry Strings, Biscuits & Chocolate Raisins; and  Crunchy Crackers, Real Cheese Chunks, Fruity Mix & White Chocolate Shortcake Pieces.

Each of the Scoffies packs has a resealable tab .

Brand manager Rebecca Jakob said: “We’ve done a lot of research with kids, mums and dads, and what we’ve uncovered is the fact that after school kids are ravenous and parents are having to provide them with three separate snacks to keep them going till dinner time. Each snack could be anything from a packet of crisps or pretzels, for that savoury element, to a nutritious element – piece of fruit or fruit wind-up – to a sweet element like a chocolate bar.

“What Scoffies provides is all of that in one snack solution – a savoury element, a sweet element and a dairy element with the cheese. It’s very much based on consumer insights.

“When we tested the SKUs among kids, the one thing that stood out was that they absolutely loved trying pretzels with chocolate raisins or cherry strings wrapped around a piece of cheese.

“They love the whole element of mixing things up and snacking their own way, rather than just eating a packet of crisps of chomping on a chocolate bar.

“We really believe that Cheestrings Scoffies are really going to mix up the kids’ dairy snacking category.”