£5,000 Green Grant for Scottish C-Stores

Scotland’s convenience stores are to be given access to a funding pot of £100,000 to improve their energy efficiency.
The Convenience Store Resource Efficiency Grant – a Scottish Government fund managed by Zero Waste Scotland – will allow independent convenience store retailers to apply for a grant of up to £5,000.
The money will be made available to help with the purchase of equipment like double-glazed refrigeration doors and LED lighting, which will help retailers reduce their energy costs and cut carbon emissions.
The investment is the result of a partnership between the Scottish Grocers’ Federation and Zero Waste Scotland.
Resource Efficient Scotland – a programme funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by Zero Waste Scotland – will form a key part of the new grant process through the guidance it already provides to businesses to help them use resources more efficiently.
Chief executive of the Scottish Grocers’ Federation, Pete Cheema said: “The funds will help convenience store retailers to lead the way in terms of increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. I would urge all SGF members to make the most of this fantastic opportunity as a means of taking another step towards helping Scotland to become an environmentally sustainable society.”
Louise McGregor, head of circular economy at Zero Waste Scotland, said: “Convenience stores are at the heart of communities throughout the country and so their sustainability, in all senses, is of crucial importance. Improving resource efficiency has a considerable impact on a business’s bottom line – and convenience stores typically spend between £10,000 and £20,000 per year on their energy costs.
“By installing resource efficiency measures such as double-glazed refrigerators, LED lighting and controls and heat recovery systems, stores could save between 5% and 35% of their annual costs, depending on the individual circumstances of the store.
“The Convenience Store Resource Efficiency Grant is therefore a fantastic addition to a host of advice and information that Resource Efficient Scotland already has on offer to businesses – small and large. All the details can be found on the Resource Efficient Scotland websi