Make sure there’s a treat in store

Brands it calls ‘treatier’ are growing in importance for convenience retailers according to Burton’s Biscuit Company.
Head of customer category management David Costello said: “In Scotland, over 61% of sweet biscuit shopper spend is on treatier biscuits.
“It is important that retailers recognise the role that leading brands such as Maryland, Cadbury, Jammie Dodgers and Wagon Wheels have to play.

With a growing number of consumers looking to treat themselves at snack time, biscuit manufacturers are introducing new products and expanding their big brand ranges.

“These are the high profile brands that shoppers expect to see on the fixture.”
A new peanut variety of Maryland Gooeys has been launched to capitalise on what the firm sees as a surge in consumer demand for peanut butter.
Costello said Burton’s is expanding its on-the-go range with the introduction of single-serve Maryland Gooeys and Bite-sized Maryland Choc Chip Cookies, and said 28% of shoppers are looking for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack.
“With almost 6bn snacking opportunities in the workplace alone, there is huge potential for retailers to benefit from biscuits in this space.”
• Valuing the UK biscuits market at £2.32bn, Mondelez International sees two types of biscuit shopper in c-stores: those on top-up trips, and on-the-go shoppers.
Trade communications manager Susan Nash said: “The trend towards shopping little and often means consumers are increasingly using convenience stores to top up on traditional grocery items.
“Retailers should look to take advantage of this and ensure they fully understand how to unlock the potential in the biscuits category.
“On-the-go also continues to be a strong trend for shoppers in the convenience sector, as consumers grab snacks to keep them going during a busy day.
“Consumer insights show that 70% of adults snack while on the go.”
Nash said Mondelez has continued to expand its biscuit range with new products.
She said: “Belvita Breakfast is now worth £66.6m in the UK. We also brought the world’s number one chocolate chip cookie, Chips Ahoy, to the UK.
“And the Ritz brand holds the world number one position in savoury biscuits, worth £19.3m in the UK and growing at 15.8%.”