Crunch time

PRICE-MARKED packs deliver increased volumes and profits for retailers, and they’re also creating sales growth within crisps and snacks according to KP Snacks.
Trading controller convenience Matt Collins said: “Singles are now worth £64.5m, up 8.4% since last year, whilst PMP sharing bags are worth £78.9m and growing at 17.8% year-on-year.”
Among its PMP range, KP offers Space Raiders at 20p, Hula Hoops Big Hoops at £1, and Skips Tingly Prawn Cocktail at 39p. Collins said: “Price-marked packs account for over half of all sharing snacks sales. We are tapping into this by extending our offering with Phileas Fogg American Style Bubble Chips at £1.”


• Walkers has recently introduced price-marked six packs on Quavers and its core crisps range at £1.50.
Brand owner Pepsico also has a range of sharing bags marked at £1 including MixUps Popcorn in sweet and salty and Doritos in Chilli Heatwave, Cool Original and Tangy Cheese flavours. And its new 50p range includes Wotsits and Quavers.
Impulse wholesale director at PepsiCo Jason Belmont said: “One in four convenience shoppers buys crisps, snacks and nuts on impulse.”