Tangerine releases Halloween specials

Tangerine Confectionery, the creator of a wide range of retro confectionery brands is introducing two special editions for the seasonal Halloween market.

Candyland Champions Halloween Stg5 v2b

Sweet Champions Halloween Bag (200g, £1) and Sweet Champions Halloween Pouch (500g, MRRSP £4, priced at £3 on promotion) feature Halloween theme colours and graphics, which the firm hopes will make them the perfect Halloween treat for consumers.

The Sweet Champions Halloween Bag features Dip Dab Lolly, Refresher Lolly, Wham Mini Chews, Kola Frosties, Fruit Salad Flat Lolly and BlackJack Flat Lolly. It will be available in ASDA and Sainsburys.

The Sweet Champions Halloween Pouch expands on this range and features additional favourites including Dib Dab, Sherbet Fountain, Refresher Roll and Dolly Mix. It will be available in ASDA, cash & carries and convenience stores nationwide.

Gillian Clarke, senior brand manager at Tangerine Confectionery, said: “Both of our seasonal Halloween products highlight the unique heritage of our long established, retro confectionery and have been introduced following consumer research which demonstrates that novelty products are key to driving consumer purchase at Halloween.

“Halloween is a big focal point for the confectionery sector – worth just under £100m in 2014 – and our eye-catching themed Sweet Champions Halloween Bag and Pouch are must-list products perfect for trick or treaters. They will also allow families and fans of retro favourites to buy a sharing bag of some of our best loved sweets to treat themselves and others.”