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Energy costs are unavoidable for all companies including  small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) and they can account for some of a firm’s biggest outgoings. But ScottishPower reckons that the pressures of running their businesses means that energy efficiency improvements can often drop off SMEs’ priority lists.

But many companies don’t realise, it says, that there’s a range of financial and practical support to help them available from several sources – including ScottishPower.

Neil Clitheroe, Chief Executive of Retail & Generation at ScottishPower Aug15
Neil Clitheroe, chief executive of retail and generation at ScottishPower

“It’s hugely important, especially in this climate, that SMEs get as much support as possible to help them survive. We understand this and are here to help,” said Neil Clitheroe, chief executive of retail and generation at ScottishPower. 

“Our goal is to help SMEs reduce their energy costs so that they ultimately boost their profit margins.  We want them to know that we are on their side and are working hard to ensure they can access the information we have to give them the solutions and help they need.”

A lot  can be achieved by appropriate tariffs and meter configuration and the Scottish Power business team is on hand to make sure that customers are pointed in the direction of the best tariff available to them but ultimately saving money in the long-term is about reducing consumption, Clitheroe said.

The company is working closely with Resource Efficient Scotland (RES), a programme operated by Scottish Government-funded Zero Waste Scotland. And ScottishPower has a dedicated section on its website for SMEs giving energy advice specific to various industries.

Among the firm’s key tips for  small and medium-sized businesses are:

Replace lighting with energy-efficient LED lamps, they can typically make immediate savings on your lighting bill of 50% and last many times longer than traditional bulbs. Ensure lighting controls are clearly labelled with good signage, especially if grouped together.

 Don’t standby, switch off! Keeping equipment on standby costs the UK nearly £1bnworth of energy each year. Turning off unused refrigerators, computer monitors, tills and any other equipment can save energy. Have a rota  where staff members make sure lights and equipment are switched off.

 Make sure thermostats are set at an appropriate level and are functioning correctly. Make sure heating and ventilation systems work only while premises are open. Turn down thermostats by just 1C and fuel bills will be cut by up to 10%. You will notice the saving, but not the drop in temperature.

Make sure everyone in your business is working towards a more energy efficient workplace. Assign staff responsibilities to make sure improvements are taken seriously and get involved in practical actions to help motivate staff.

 Visit  Green Town the online interactive programme from ScottishPower and Resource Efficient Scotland that identifies areas of energy saving  specific to different industries and lines of work.


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