Keep taking the tablets

Curved  iPad holder. One of a number of screen-linked PoS solutions offered by UK POS.
Curved iPad holder. One of a number of screen-linked PoS solutions offered by UK POS.
MANY forms of communication and collaboration have been changed by digital and screen-based technologies and two firms with close relationships to retailing and distribution argue that humble tablet devices and similar screens can deliver huge benefits to retailers and suppliers who run promotions.
Point-of-sale materials and systems specialist UK POS has recently announced a range of digital advertising displays.
The company argues that products such as its new freestanding screens and its list of specially designed iPad holders offer effective platforms that allow stores to advertise, inform and interact.
Debra Jamieson, sales and marketing director at UK POS, said: “With consumer buying power becoming increasingly stronger, it is more important than ever to ensure your customer’s buying experience is as efficient as possible. One way of ensuring that your business stands out from the crowd in this increasingly competitive market is to maximise interactivity through PoS.
“Our latest range encourages trade through targeted sales promotions and is ideal for high footfall areas to interact with your audience – enticing and exciting customers. We can also build digital screens into the majority of our standard products, ideal for consistency with other PoS throughout a venue.”
Clare Jones, category development manager at marketing and merchandising services firm eXPD8, said tablet devices had markedly changed field marketing, making it easier for brands to maintain promotional consistency and for retailers to ensure they were operating promotions in the ways their architects say will achieve best results.
“In the last few years, tablet technology has truly revolutionised and transformed the sector. The tablet is used for data collection and can, for example, collect point-of-sale compliance data to record location, stock availability and accurate pricing, which can make all the difference to the top-line sales for brand owners and retailers,” she said.
“More and more, tablet technology is used as a way to report back to clients so they understand the value that goes into walking in and setting up PoS and ensuring maximum compliance.
“The benefit of using hand-held units means that data can be produced rapidly and accurately.”