Big night fever

Driven by the trend for nights in, chocolate consumption at home has grown by 20% since 2009 according to Mars.

And it claims the bitesize category has grown by 22% in that time.

Is there an election on this year? Mars Chocolate bagged brand M&M’s is having a national poll all of its own, to rival any other planned for 2015. Ms Brown, Red and Yellow are fighting it out to be chosen as the public’s favourite M&M. Each has their own pack on singles and pouches, across Peanut M&M’s, Chocolate M&M’s and Crispy M&M’s. Consumers vote at the M&M’s Facebook page.

A spokesperson said: “Mars Chocolate UK is the market leader in the bitesize category with a 47% share, and four out of the top five bitesize brands.”

It suggests that if retailers are to get the most from confectionery sales, as well as stocking popular ranges, they should create a big-night-in display.

The spokesperson added: “Consumers are keen to try a new twist on their favourites.

The new Kinder bitesize range is designed for sharing at home or on the go.

“Retailers can take advantage of this through stocking products such as Twix Mix which launched in 2013 in sharing bag format.”

Ferrero has introduced a new range of bite-sized Kinder products.

Three varieties are available in two sizes at RRPs of £1.55 and 54p.