Lucozade PMPs return to shops

LUCOZADE has reintroduced its 79p price-marked packs across 13 products, exclusive to convenience store retailers.

Recently-launched Lucozade Energy Grafruitti and Lucozade Sport Mango and Passion Fruit products join the returning PMP range from 2014, which the company says saw an uplift of 70% in unit rate of sales on individual flavours.


The 79p PMP initiative will be supported by PoS and in-store activity throughout the selling period, which ends in June.

Lesley Stonier, Lucozade Energy marketing manager, said: “Sales of PMPs are set to grow, with 44% of consumers telling us that they would buy PMPs on impulse, with soft drinks having the highest purchase intent of any product category.

“Retailers stocking the new 79p PMPs can therefore expect to see an increase in footfall and uplift in sales. This year we are pleased to be launching the initiative across even more flavours, enabling retailers to really take advantage of the promotion and drive sales within the category.”

The move coincides with the introduction of new packs for Lucozade Energy ‘The Brazilian’ Mango and Mandarin flavour, now available in 380ml and 1-litre bottles.

“The new pack sizes across our Lucozade Energy ‘The Brazilian’ Mango and Mandarin flavour also present a great opportunity for retailers,” said Stonier.

“‘The Brazilian’ is one of our star performers and is currently worth over £12.6m. The 380ml will cater for the consumer need for on-the-go purchases and meal deals, whilst the 1-litre is ideal for social sharing occasions.”