Home brand in top spot

SCOTS like premium ice cream, they also buy brands and the team behind Scottish ice cream brand Mackie’s of Scotland says it’s the leader of the ice cream tub pack in its home country.

Quoting Kantar research, marketing director Karin Hayhow said the brand has 27% of its market sector north of the border.

“The top three in Scotland are Mackie’s of Scotland followed by two brands from Europe’s largest manufacturer Unilever – Walls Carte D’or and Ben & Jerry’s,” she said.


“The premium ice cream market increased over the year in Scotland by 1.7%, that increase coming from a higher purchasing frequency and a higher volume per buyer.

“Ice cream consumers are looking for an indulgent and easy treat.

“In addition to taste and texture, they differentiate by looking for natural ingredients and good value.

“This year Mackie’s will focus on the fresh milk and cream ingredients which make real dairy ice cream.

“We have become the best-selling ice cream in Scotland by creating a niche of affordable luxury.

“This is because our family sized one-litre tubs have a lower RRP than many of the 500ml super-premium brands.

“It is a real dairy ice cream at an affordable price. We therefore offer price-marked packs for the convenience sector because they clearly communicate this good value price.

“This year we have launched two new flavours in our indulgent range – White Chocolate and Coconut and Salted Caramel. The indulgent range has a higher price point than the original range to reflect
the more indulgent flavour pieces and ripples but the tubs are easily recognised as being in the Mackie’s ice cream range.”

Hayhow said Mackie’s will be advertising its ice cream on TV this summer and will back the campaign with sampling and social media activity.

It will also be running an on-pack competition with the chance to win a lifetime supply of Mackie’s ice cream.