Profit path to the cleaners

ACCORDING to Unilever’s Partners for Growth team, the household cleaning market is worth £647.1m with convenience stores accounting for £69.8m worth of those sales.

Advising retailers to make products easier to find through signage and merchandising, Partners for Growth argues consumers are attracted to well-known brands they will have seen on TV or in the supermarkets.


Partners for Growth controller and retail execution manager Tom Hazelden said retailers should take 10 minutes to look at the Partners for Growth website to double check they have their range right and that products are laid out to their best advantage.

He said: “All the advice is there, free and on-hand 24 hours a day, so you can ensure that your household category is spotless.”

Some 60% of shoppers are said not to use a list and Partners for Growth says that offers impulse opportunities.

Unilever household category manager Ben Taylor said: “Merchandising cleaning products by the room they are used in helps shoppers find what they need.”

Unilever recently added CiF Direct to Floor to its Cif range and is spending £1.5m to market the brand after a packaging revamp.

It also launched Domestos Turbo Fresh Rim Block in 2014.

Untitled-2 Trigger spray cleaners sales are currently growing by 6% year on year according to McBride.

The company also sees an increase in room-specific shopping in the category.

The company’s brands manager Danielle Dransfield said: “The kitchen is the room cleaned most often and consumers are looking for smear free, antibacterial products.

“In the bathroom, products also need to be antibacterial.

“Our Clean N’ Fresh anti-bacterial bathroom and kitchen products have proved most popular particularly in a trigger format.”

Parozone claims to kill 99.9% of germs and has added Parozone Strongest Power Bleach Blocks for toilets and Parozone Toilet Wipes to its range.

Senior brand manager Miriam Holland said: “Bleach is an incredibly versatile cleaning product that can be used safely around the home.

“We strive to develop high quality products that make consumers lives easier.”