Pets win more pouch choice

Sheba, Delicious Duos, petfood

MARS Petcare has launched new products in its Sheba cat food and Cesar dog food ranges.
Cesar, petfood, c-stores, shopping, ScotlandSheba Delicious Duos have two meats in each pouch.
The mixed selection multipack contains three servings each of salmon and saithe, tuna and ocean fish, rabbit and poultry, and chicken and beef.
The meat selection multipacks contain individual servings of chicken and beef, rabbit and poultry, duck and turkey, and turkey and chicken flavours.
The RRP for a pack of 12 85g pouches is £5.10.
Cesar is now available in 100g pouches.
The range consists of two eight x 100g multipacks at an RRP of £3.49 and two four x 100g multipacks at an RRP of £1.79.
The products are available in gravy or jelly.
Stephanie Case, category director, Mars Petcare UK, said: “The petcare industry is worth £2.3bn and is seeing growth thanks to the launch of innovative new products that offer greater variety, guaranteed freshness and enhanced convenience for owners who want to ensure their pets are never without their favourite foods and treats.”