Blurred lines in 2020 vision

John McNeill, regional operations director, Co-operative Food.
John McNeill, regional operations director, Co-operative Food.
C-STORE operators will have to think carefully about the products and services they offer over the next five years, as the lines between retailers become increasingly blurred, according to John McNeill of Co-operative Food.
Addressing the SGF Conference on his predictions for 2020, he said: “The competitive landscape is changing. We need to regard people like Greggs, Subway, McDonalds as our competition. In terms of how consumers behave and their desire to purchase less, and more frequently, these retailers have as much of an opportunity to capitalise on that.
“I’m sure quite a lot of these retailers are thinking about what other opportunities there are to drive footfall in their units.
“Starbucks may be thinking about newspapers. Café Nero may think about Paypoint. Those distinctions are blurring in terms of different markets. We need to think about how we get our share of what’s available.
“That view we have of the marketplace being neatly split into sectors – in the next few years, it’s not going to be as simple as that.”