Magners drinkers see red


C&C Group, the owner of Magners Irish cider, has unveiled a new look and bottle size for its Orchard Berries cider.

Previously named Magners Berry, the rebranded Magners Orchard Berries comes in a 500ml flint bottle, which is designed to make the red cider colour stand out on shelf and catch the eye of shoppers.
While the outside may have a new look, the inside remains the same – a blend of pear cider, strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants with an ABV of 4%.
Ed Shoebridge, head of customer marketing at C&C Group, said: “Since launching the flavour in 2012, the flavoured cider market has grown hugely in the UK. Our refreshed Orchard Berries product pairs the original unique recipe with an exciting new look.”