A focus set on student sales

Moira Dean, of Premier @ DUSA

BY the time the middle of the university semester comes around, students are more than ready for a night where they can let go and forget about the worries of assignments or exams.

This makes St Patrick’s Day celebrations an absolute winner for convenience stores close to campus doors – and that’s just the case for Moira Dean, of Premier @ DUSA.

In anticipation for the celebrations, Dean has plans to stock up for the day on plenty of Irish brands, such as Jameson whiskey, Guinness, Magners and many other choices.

Dean said: “We’ll be looking to stock up on any Irish products we can get our hands on for this year – it usually sells more during St Patrick’s celebrations.

“While we’re still focusing on the start of the year and helping students with getting settled in, we are really excited to get to take part in St Patrick’s Day again this year.

“Both St Patrick’s and Halloween are our biggest nights of the year and, with students not going out as much now, they’ll likely load up on drink with us leading up to the day – so we’ll definitely be kept busy on that one.”