Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie packaging


HAGGIS producer Macsween has unveiled a new look across its range in an effort to win over a new generation.

The Edinburgh-based butcher made its name with Scotland’s national dish, but has been seeking ways to expand the market beyond Burns Night and reach younger shoppers.
Research revealed three common demands; make it more attractive, make it convenient and show us what to do with it.
So the new-look Macsween haggis and black pudding range makes pitches for three different consumer uses.
It’s “Delicious every day” version has a redesigned casing, making it look more like a salami, and is sold in two sizes, with a recipe card attached.
Macsween’s ’60-second’ microwaveable haggis has also been renamed. It’s now “Haggis in a hurry” and has new sleeves illustrating ideas like haggis nachos or haggis salad (with vegetarian haggis).
The traditional haggis will also be available, in a spruced up pack, complete with a new tartan, for foodie shops and for Burns Night.
The new packs are due to go out to retailers this month.Jo Macsween, co-managing director, said: “I believe, as a leading brand, we have to invest and innovate to get haggis into the hands of consumers.”