Energy brands still buzzing

Functional drinks brands have launched and relaunched low-calorie variants in the last year.

BIG nights in include relaxed occasions that can be low-key events. But they also include high-energy sessions such as house parties, late-night sport events and those periods when young adults prepare to go out for the night.

And energy drinks have a major part to play on those occasions.
Market leader Red Bull says the sports and energy sub-category of the UK soft drinks market is currently worth £1.1bn and remains the fastest-growing sub-category, increasing sales annually by 7%. And within the sub-category functional drinks are growing fastest – by 10% year on year.
Functional drinks have seen significant product development in recent years and many of the new lines look suited to big-night-in occasions. Flavours, released to win over consumers who aren’t keen on the traditional energy drink taste are now said to account for a quarter of value sales of functional drinks in independent outlets.
And several brands have launched low or no-calorie variants.
Red Bull says its Red Bull Zero Calories, launched this year, gives retailers new opportunities to gain extra sales in the fastest-growing soft drinks sub-category.
CCE earlier this year relaunched Relentless Sugar Free as Relentless Origin Ultra, a move which followed the relaunch of Monster Energy Absolute Zero last year.
Last year also saw low-calorie energy drink launch activity from AG Barr, which introduced Rockstar Pure Zero as a low-calorie flavoured energy drink in a 500ml big can format in its Fruit Punch flavour.