Waste not…

SCOTTISH businesses can find out how to cut waste and save money by accessing a free package of support being rolled out this summer by Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme of Zero Waste Scotland.

zws-brochure-frontThe package includes two new guides and a series of workshops and online training events designed to help companies take easy, low-cost steps to improve their resource efficiency.
The first guide covers measures designed to help businesses take advantage of common waste prevention, re-use and recycling opportunities. The second guide is a waste services procurement publication that provides a seven-step process to help companies secure the most suitable waste management solution for their organisation.
And a series of training events will cover topics such as ‘How to reduce waste and save money’ and ‘How to run a waste prevention campaign’.
“Scottish organisations could save as much as £2.9bn every year by making more efficient use of their resources,” said Marissa Lippiatt, head of Resource Efficient Scotland.
“Whatever the type and volume of waste a business generates, it’s costing money.
“In fact, companies are paying for wasted materials twice, once when they buy it and again when they throw it away. Preventing waste from arising in the first place should be the priority for any organisation – and it is easy to achieve. Rather than waiting until there is a pile of waste to deal with, preventing waste will actually eliminate the burden and costs of handling, treating and disposing of your waste altogether.
The new guides and details of free training are available now from the Resource Efficient Scotland website.