Blossom Hill puts on a new style


GIANT wine brand Blossom Hill is having a major makeover. A new look has just been introduced across its entire range.

The new packaging and planned £2.1m marketing expenditure are part of the repositioning of the brand.
Brand owner Percy Fox wines is inviting consumers to enter “The Wonderful World of Blossom Hill” and find out more about all the wines in the portfolio.
A new style for Blossom Hill labels is designed to stress what the brand owner sees as the range’s distinctive “fruity wine taste”.
The new look is also intended to improve the lines’ on-shelf prominence and provide greater differentiation between its value red and white wines, its rosé wines and its varietal range.
The planned £2.1m support package will include PR, point-of-sale materials in-store and an ads campaign, including TV advertising, video on demand and YouTube.