Pet food giant launches keep fit treat

Mars Petcare’s latest product is a treat containing ingredients that help cats maintain healthy joints.

WHEN it comes to pet treats, it’s all about function.

According to Mars Petcare, consumers are looking for ways to reward their pet with a healthy nibble.
Now the company, which already makes Pedigree Dentastix and Dreamies, has launched a treat that helps to protect a cat’s joints. Whiskas Healthy Joints is the company says “a functional and nutritional treat that is specifically targeted to address joint issues in cats in a delicious and bite-sized format”.
Katie Wragg, Whiskas senior brand manager at Mars Petcare, said: “Cats are very good at masking any signs of joint wear. We know just how active cats are and understand that all their running and jumping can often lead to joint wear and tear. With the launch of Whiskas Healthy Joints, owners can be assured that their cat’s joints are being looked after so that they are free to follow their instincts and roam around in their usual active and inquisitive way”.
The RRP is £1.38.
Dave Minton, category and customer marketing director at Mars Petcare, advises positioning pet treats to make the most of an impulse category. “Siting treats at the till point can encourage last minute purchase decisions without taking up space in store. Secondary sites, such as clip-strips, help to create points of interruption in store and play a vital role in delivering sales,” he said.