Looking for young views


DRINKS firm Calypso, whose products include 500ml Fairtrade Pure Orange Juice and Pure Apple Juice, Fairtrade 200ml Pure Orange and Pure Apple Juice cartons and Fairtrade 85ml Pure Orange Juice Cuplets, is reaching out to younger consumers with its The Power of You campaign.

The international promotion asks young people what issues matter to them.
“Young people realise the importance of Fairtrade, and that it makes a difference to millions of farmers, workers and their communities in developing countries that urgently need a better deal from trade,” said Michele Davies, head of marketing at Calypso.
“We want to communicate that everyone has the power to do something good and make a difference.
“Despite the difficult climate, we have seen a steady growth every year across our Fairtrade range and it is set to continue,” she added.
“Fairtrade products’ retail sales now total over £1.5bn in the UK (up 18%) including £14.5m sales for UK Fairtrade juice products.
“Fairtrade is of particular importance among young people and families and as our core market is school-age children, we want to support and help promote the message that they can do something positive.”