Zero option – Rockstar


SUGAR provides energy … but not in the latest Rockstar energy drink from soft drinks firm AG Barr.

The company has launched Rockstar Pure Zero, a fruit punch-flavoured drink with zero sugar. It’s available in a 500ml can. The new line is intended to meet what Barr sees as increasing demand.
Nielsen figures show, the soft drinks firm says, that Rockstar is currently growing at 66% year on year and is the UK’s fastest-selling big-can energy brand.
Adrian Troy, head of marketing for AG Barr, said: “A big trend in the energy market is the growth of low-calorie variants, up 17% year on year. The low-calorie energy market is currently worth £43m for retailers and is estimated to grow to £200m over the next five years.
“The new variant offers the full Rockstar energy hit with zero sugar. The launch of Rockstar Pure Zero will fulfil both the demand for a low-calorie option and the demand for great-tasting flavoured energy.”