Much-loved animals escape the cutbacks

RECESSION? What recession, ask the nation’s indulged dogs and cats. Research by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association shows that pet lovers will cut back on their own food shopping before they will reduce spending on their beloved animals.
In a study of 2,000 pet owners, 6% will spend less on treats for their animals and 4% will cut back on their pet’s food. But when they are shopping for their own meals, 16% plan to tighten the budget. And it’s not just grocery shopping that is under pressure: 36% plan to spend less on eating out and 15% will be cutting down on petrol and travel costs.
Nete Wood, who has three cats, told the PFMA: “I have cut back on utilities and food. Holding on to my car is a struggle. I use selling sites and freecycle for necessary replacement items.
“But I have not cut back on the quality of the food I’m giving my cats because I firmly believe that it is my responsibility to ensure that they are fed a healthy and balanced diet.”