Healthy pet living the next thing?

PET owners could be shortening the lives of their pets by failing to notice the life-threatening risks of obesity.
According to a Pet Food Manufacturers Association report nearly 50% of pets visiting vets are overweight, even though keeping pets in the ideal weight range could add as much as two years to their life.
The report suggests 20% of owners with overweight pets don’t recognising the risks to their animals that come with obesity.
On the other hand, the PFMA also says that there’s a rising number of health-conscious pet owners. The organisation’s research suggests there’s an increased demand for provenance of product, a small growth in the sales of organic products, an increase in sales of products for specific life-stages and growth also in sales of health-improving products, including joint-care preparations and diet food for pets.
• Pet toys provide the best sellers in the pet accessories market, according to AMA Research.
There’s also sales growth from aquariums and other vivariums and flea and worm treatments. But the decline in ownership of small animals has reduced the demand for bedding.