A piece of the action – Reese’s seeking further growth

AMERICAN chocolate and confectionery brand Reese’s is extending its reach in the UK. The brand – the third largest chocolate brand in the world according to Nielsen – has experienced 74% volume growth year-on-year, according to Euromonitor.
“With the confectionery category only growing 2.4% and established brands just pinching share from each other it is new and innovative developments which will help growth,” said Shane Angus of Reese’s owners, Hershey’s.
“Reese’s and Hershey bars have experienced 74% volume growth year on year. With distinctive orange packaging and peanut butter at the core of all the products in the range, opinions on the brand may be divided but if you like it, you will love it.”
Reese’s bright orange packaging is familiar to UK consumers who holiday in the US, or watch a lot of American films and TV. Reese’s Pieces – hard candy shells with a peanut butter centre – were used to tempt ET out of hiding in Steven Spielberg’s movie.
As distribution increases across the UK, Hershey’s says it is confident that the brand will be seen as less of a foreign import and more of a permanent fixture on the confectionery shelf.
Promotional activity to support Reese’s in 2013 includes outdoor advertising, branded taxis and consumer sampling.
The company will also be introducing more sharing bags and multipacks throughout the year.