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Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Tag: Sharwoods

Smoked sausages are a core part of the Polish diet and Smithfield Foods has brought one of the most popular brands, Morliny, to the UK.

Euro growth

POLISH shoppers looking for a taste of home and British shoppers looking for new flavours helped grow the world foods category in the UK...

Stars from the east

BIRDS Eye is looking east with two new Indian ready meals. Chicken Balti and Chicken Tikka Masala are based on restaurant favourites, and come...
Oooh - a saucy new look

Oooh – a saucy new look for Sharwoods

SHARWOODS is giving its cooking sauce, accompaniments and cooking kits range a major makeover. The firm says the design update will help shoppers differentiate more...

Look lively

LIVENING up everyday meals is the theme of Sharwood’s new advertising campaign, with seperate commercials for its Chinese, Indian and Wrap Kits ranges. They...