Britain’s top sweets revealed

Prospectus Global has found Britain's top sweet choices in new market research which finds many consumers are looking to more retro options.
Mars sets out its stall for the Easter season with the launch of its branded treats.

Mars Wrigley reveals Easter line-up

Mars Wrigley has unveiled its line-up for the Easter season this year, with returning fan favourites and some new additions from across its range of brands.
Retailers should match the PMP offer to different demands across shoppers varied missions.

PMP solutions for snack times

Making the most out of your store’s PMP snacks section means offering a variety of options to suit consumers’ different shopping missions, say both KP Snacks and Rose Marketing.
Family values still remain at the hear of the famous Tunnock's Uddingston site.

Tunnock’s growth vision is un-wafer-ing

The Tunnock family have heavily invested in both the confectioner's staff and factory to help meet global demand, as Scottish Grocer discovered on a tour of the production plant.

Bliss scores first supermarket listing

Scottish snack brand Bliss has celebrated its first supermarket listing for its Crispy Mallow Bars with appearances from its mascot across Scotland.

Cadbury launches retailer exclusive competition

Retailers stand to win from a prize pot worth £25k as Mondelez launches its Great Retail Ideas Exchange to commemorate Cadbury's 200th anniversary year.
Perfetti Van Melle reckons its range should suit the different consumer demands.

Making the most of sugar confectionery

The sugar confectioney category remains one of the biggest drivers of impulse decisions for convenience store shoppers – and retailers should capitalise by having a good variety, says Perfetti Van Melle.
Swizzels reported a rise in sales for its vegan Variety Range during Veganuary 2023.

Sweet treats for Veganuary and beyond

Sweet treats brands Swizzels and Lazy Day Foods have been highlighting their vegan options that are available for Veganuary and beyond.
The Ilchester Cheese festive selection and Wensleydale with Spiced Fruits.

Market news | Ilchester Cheese, Cadbury, McCain, Capri-Sun

Scottish Grocer showcases some new products that convenience store retailers might want to consider stocking to drive up sales – this time from Ilchester Cheese, Cadbury, McCain and Capri-Sun.

Walker’s NonSuch offers safe toffee gifting

Stoke-on-trent toffee brand Walker's NonSuch has encouraged retailers to stock up on gifting options without seasonal packs to support sales the whole year.

Swizzels matches Veganuary sweet demand

Swizzels has encouraged retailers to appeal to every consumer demand when it comes to Veganuary for this year, right across the entire store.

PVM has valued advice in good value

Perfetti Van Melle offers retailers tips on how to drive up confectionery sales over the festive period with a strong stock of PMP options in store.

World of Sweets covers the impulse shop

Novelty treats will be the way to go for Christmas confectionery shoppers this year says World of Sweets, with a chance to grab some impulse sales too.

Swizzels’ sweet shop for Christmas

Swizzels aims to indulge the consumer sweet tooth this festive season with its range of Sweet Shop sugar confectionery options.
Mackie's says retailers should raise awareness of the chocolate range in store, so shoppers know where to go.

Mackie’s highlights chocolate gifting opportunity

Mackie's of Scotland says there are plenty of opportunities for chocolate gifting during the festive season and retailers should be keen to make the most of these.

Mrs Tilly’s highlights traditional treats

Scottish confectionery maker Mrs Tilly's is pointing out to retailers the benefits of stocking traditional treats such as its tablet and fudge selections for consumers celebrating Christmas and New Year.