Takis raises the heat in store snacks

Demand for intense flavours rules the impulse shop

Pack shot of the Takis range of spicy corn chips.
Spicy snack brand Takis has an ambition to fire up the tastebuds across convenience stores in Scotland, helping to capitalise on the demand for intense tastes.

BOLD and spicy flavours are the order of the day when it comes to encouraging an extra item in the baskets.

Bagging that extra impulse purchase in store means convincing consumers with a stand out option on shelf meaning more intense flavours such as chilli or paprika have their moment to shine.

That’s the take from snacking sensation brand Takis who said, according to its data from Good Sense Research, that planned purchases tend to lend themselves to ‘weaker’ flavours, whereas impulse opportunities are dominated by more spicy flavours.

As such, the social media sensation brand reckons its spicy offering including Fuego, Volcano and Dragon Sweet Chilli will be irresistible to consumers when the temptation strikes in store.

Further to this, Takis said its range will help to appeal to younger shopper demographics such as Gen Z, helping to take advantage of the demand driven by social media sites such as TikTok.

Takis has also announced it will be rolling out a marketing campaign to reach this key target audience as well across multiple social media outlets as well as sponsored influencer content too.

Further to this, the brand has recently made its way to the Morrisons chains of stores, including Morrisons Daily outlets, with all three flavours stocked across the supermarket shops and convenience stores.

A spokesperson for Takis said: “Gen Z are the super-snacking generation who are on the hunt for foods that stimulate their senses.

“Brands are pulling out all the stops when it comes to this trend as there is a huge demand within Gen Z when it comes to this flavour profile, driven by social media.”