Takis fires up in Morrisons

Snacks brand heads to supermarket listings

Takis range of crisps including Dragon Sweet Chilli, Fuego and Volcano variants.
Social media snacking sensation Takis is set to fire up the tastebuds of Morrisons shoppers as the brand announces its new listings in the retail chain.

SOCIAL media snacking sensation Takis is set to fire up the tastebuds for more shoppers in the UK with its first listings in Morrisons stores.

The new listing will see Takis in both Morrisons supermarket sites as well as its Morrisons Daily convenience stores, aiming to entice Gen Z shoppers more to the retail chain.

Morrisons Daily stores will stock all three variants of the brand to help capitalise on the impulse shopping occasion and offer shoppers a tempting heat fix. The three flavours include Takis Fuego, Takis Volcano and Takis Dragon Sweet Chilli.

The larger Morrisons supermarket stores will only stock the Fuego and Volcano flavours.

This also marks the first time that the Takis Dragon Sweet Chilli variant has rolled out across the wider retail channel after it saw a limited release as an Aldi Specialbuy product.

Priced at an RRP of £2 per 100g pack, Morrisons reckons it will be able to deliver for the key Gen Z audience of younger shoppers with these new listings with the growing demand for spicy foods within the core shopper group.

Becky Allan, marketing manager at Takis, said: “The launch of our spicy rolled tortilla chips into the Morrisons estate is Takis’ first long-term listing with a major multiple, marking another major step in our move to heat up the snacking category.

“The ‘need for heat’ is showing no signs of stopping, so this launch caters perfectly to the 33% of snackers looking to explore new intense flavours in the category.

“Working with Morrisons was a natural next step in our expansion plan, enabling us to provide delicious snacks to Gen Z up and down the country.”