Kingsbarns honours history in new whisky launch

Growing the core range in new whisky expression

A bottle of Kingsbarns Coaltown lies on top of a pile of grain on top of a wooden barrel.
Lowland’s distillery brand Kingsbarns Distillery has launched the latest addition in its core range of whiskies with its new Coaltown expression.

LOWLAND distillery Kingsbarns Distillery has launched the latest expression in its core range with the new Coaltown single malt whisky.

Inspired in name and flavour by the proud mining heritage of its surrounding area, Kingsbarns Distillery new Coaltown expression is available now in 700ml bottles at 46% ABV with an RRP of £46 each.

This marks the first time that Kingsbarns’ core range has made use of ex-peated casks that have helped to add a soft smokey taste to the expression while maintaining a fruity and floral signature character, says the distillery.

Further to this, notes for the whisky have been described as grilled banana, sweet smoke and hints of heather on the nose with a palate of rose water, buttercream, a touch of leather and charred citrus zest.

Isabella Wemyss, production director at Kingsbarns Distillery, said: “Every new launch is the result of a tremendous effort by our skilled team all local to the distillery.

“It’s unusual to see a whisky that has been exclusively in ex-peated casks. This unique approach allows us to offer a distinctive blend that stands apart from whiskies simply finished in ex-peated casks.

“By using ex-peated casks, rather than peat drying the barley, we are able to bring through the smoky notes traditionally associated with peated whisky whilst minimising our carbon footprint.”

Part of the independent Wemyss Family Spirits portfolio, Kingsbarns’ core range includes its Doocot – its flagship release which launched last year – and the sherry cask finished Balcomie.

William Wemyss, founder of parent company Wemyss Family Spirits, said: “We are proud to present Kingsbarns Coaltown, a whisky that embodies our innovative spirit while staying true to our Lowland heritage.

“This release highlights our team’s exceptional craftsmanship and our unwavering commitment to quality.”