Ueshima Coffee rolls with a Latte innovations

New canned iced coffee hits UK shelves

Ueshima Coffee Latte cans stand on a marble table with the Latte variant on the left and Matcha Latte on the right.
Ueshima Coffe Company has brought its canned Latte iced coffee variants to UK markets for the first time, aiming to offer a balanced choice this summer.

JAPANESE coffee brand Ueshima Coffee Company has launched two new canned iced coffee drinks to the UK market for the first time.

Arriving just in time for the summer months, the new Ueshima Iced Latte and Ueshima Iced Matcha Latte are available now, boasting a healthy caffeine fix for consumers.

Both drinks contain fewer than 90 calories per can and are low in sugar with the Iced Latte drink containing only 10g and the Matcha variant at 11g.

Crafted for the on-the-go consumer in mind, Ueshima Coffe Company brings these new piece of innovation to the UK market for the first time. The brand first launched its canned coffee variants in Japan back in 1969 after founder Tadao Ueshima launched the first canned coffee brand to the Japanese market after having to leave his coffee behind in order to catch a train.

The new to the UK drinks aim to offer a balanced and refreshing coffee option for consumers across the country to bring a boost to their day via a more health-focussed alternative.

Further to this, its Japanese nature will be a surefire winner with consumers in Scotland after shoppers have been jumping on the latest launches to come out from the land of the rising sun.

A spokesperson for Ueshima Coffee Company said: “Crafted the Japanese way for incredible flavour, Ueshima’s innovation and craftsmanship remains at the forefront of each can.

“Both drinks have less than 90 calories per can, are low in sugar and have been made with premium quality ingredients by the experts, or should we say, the Guinness World Record holders for producing the longest-selling ready-to-drink canned coffee.”