Bladnoch kicks off new whisky series with a Wave

Distillery rolls out its next chapter in the master distiller’s collection whisky series

A bottle of Bladnoch The Wave whisky sits in the middle of a stream of water which parts around the bottle.
Bladnoch has revealed the next chapter in its Master Distiller’s Collection with the launch of The Wave I: Time & Maturation, exclusive to its website.

SCOTLAND’S southernmost distillery Bladnoch has rolled out its second chapter in the Master Distiller’s Collection with The Wave.

Set to become a five-part limited edition whisky series like the chapter before it, The Wave I: Time & Maturation aims to epitomise Bladnoch’s maturation process of choosing specific whisky casks when they are at the peak time for optimal flavours.

Filled with a combination of ex-bourbon casks from Bladnoch’s maturating stocks and married with the remaining whisky from Waterfall 05 2024 edition, which launched earlier this year, the whisky was placed into one of five specially selected Amontillado Sherry tuns.

The remaining four will be revealed annually going forward with a unique expression in the series launched every year from Bladnoch.

Further to this, each release will come accompanied with a music track to represent the whisky’s production journey with a piano composition released with Wave I: Time & Maturation.

The final result comes bottled at 53.8% ABV with only 1,817 bottles available for purchase at an RRSP of £150 exclusively from the Bladnoch Distillery website.

Dr Nick Savage, master distiller at Bladnoch Distillery, said: “We only ever select a cask when the time is right, not because it’s old or has reached a certain age. That right ‘time’ is determined by our deep understanding of maturation dynamics.

“It’s the moment of peak flavour in our warehouse environment – a climate where nothing is forced.

“The Wave is a strong example of Bladnoch’s taste-first approach to whisky making and a real demonstration of our bold Galloway spirit.

“With these single malts, we not only strive to take people on a journey into whisky making, but also to provide them with a taste experience, aiming to challenge preconceptions and build understanding along the way.”